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Sabbath Prayer

Sad Is That Woman's Lot

The Sad Tale of the Beauxhommes

The Sadder-But-Wiser Girl For Me

Sadie Hawkins Day Ballet

Sadie, Sadie

Safety In Numbers

The Saga of Jenny

Sailor of My Dreams

Sally Simpson

Sally Simpson's Question


Samovar the Lawyer

Sands of Time

Santa Evita

Saturday Night

Save a Kiss

Say Uncle


Scranton Sally


Scylla and Charybidis

The Search

Second Chance

The Secret of Gracious Living

A Secretary Is Not a Toy


See Me, Feel Me

See What It Gets You

Seeing Things


Send In the Clowns



Settling Up the Score

Seven and a Half Cents

Seven Deadly Virtues

Seventy-Six Trombones

The Sew Up

The Sewing Bee


Sexually Free

Shadow Waltz

Shakin' At the High School Hop

Shall I Take My Heart and Go

Shall I Tell You What I Think of You?

Shall We Dance?

She Brings a New Smile

She Didn't Say Yes

She Is a Diamond

She Is Never Away

She Is Not Thinking of Me

She Likes Basketball

She Loves Me

She Wanted to Stay, But Thought She Should Go

She Was There

She Wasn't You

She Wouldn't Say Yes, She Didn't Say No

Sheep's Song

Shell Oil

She's a Nut

She's Gonna Come Home with Me

She's My Love

She's No Longer a Gypsy

She's Not Enough Woman for Me

She's Too Far Above Me


Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, MO

Shoes Upon the Table

Shop Ballet

The Shortest Day of the Year

Show Me

Show Me the Key

Shriner Ballet

Shuffle Off to Buffalo


Side By Side

The Sidestep

Sign Here


Simple Joys

Simple Little Things

The Simpson Sister's Door

Since You're Not Around


Sing for Your Supper

Sing Happy

Singapore Sue

Sister (Pump Boys and Dinettes)

Sisters (Goblin Market)

Sit Down John

Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat

Six Months Out of Every Year

Skid Row

Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat

Skinnin' a Cat

Slap That Bass

Sleep, Laura, Sleep

The Slice

Slide Some Oil to Me

Slipping Through My Fingers

Small House of Uncle Thomas

Small Talk

Small World

Smash the Mirror

Smile, Smile

Smile You Got Your First Exclusive Story


So Go to Him and Say to Him

So In Love

So Long

So Long Dearie

So Long, Farewell

So Long Mary

So What?

So You Got What You Want

So You Wanted to See the Wizard

Soft Shoe

The Soldiers of Our Queen

Soliloquy (Carousel)

The Soliloquy (Lost In the Stars)

Some Bright Morning

Some Day I'm Gonna Fly

Some Days Everything Goes Wrong

Some Enchanted Evening

Some Girls

Some People

Some Say

Some Sort of Somebody

Some There Are Who Never Venture


Somebody Did All Right for Herself

Somebody New

Somebody Older

Somebody, Somewhere

Somebody's Gotta Do Somethin'

Someday (Civil War)

Someday (The Tap Dance Kid)

"Someday" Is for Suckers

Somehow I Never Could Believe

Someone Else's Story

Someone In a Tree

Someone Is Waiting

Someone Likes You

Someone Needs Me

Someone Nice Like You

Someone to Watch Over Me

Someone Woke Up

Someone Wonderful I Missed

Something About You

Something Bad Is Happening

Something for Nothing

Something Greater

Something Is Coming to Tea

Something Isn't There

Something, Somewhere

Something Sort of Grandish

Something Tells Me

Something to Dance About

Something to Live For

Something Was Missing

Something Wonderful

Something's Afoot

Something's Coming


Somewhere That's Green

A Song for Dancing

Song of a Summer Night

Song of Hareford

Song of Love

The Song of Solomon

The Song of the Jellicles

Song of the King

Song Without Words

Sonny Boy

Soon (Bajour)

Soon (A Little Night Music)

Soon As I Get Home

Soon It's Gonna Rain

Soon You Gonna Leave Me, Joe



The Sound of Money

Sound of Music

The Sounds of Love

Sounds While Selling


The Spaniard That Blighted My Life

Spanish Panic

Spanish Rose

Spare That Building


Speak Low

Speakeasy Drop

Speaking of Pals

Special Delivery


Spread a Little Sunshine

Spring Is a New Beginning

The Spring of Next Year

St. Bridget

Stalling for Time

Stan' Up an' Fight

Standing On the Corner

The Stardust Waltz


Stay Well

Stay With Me (City of Angels)

Stay With Me (Into the Woods)

Steam Heat

Steel Pier

Steppin' to the Bad Side Today

Stiff Upper Lip


Stone the Crows

Stop Kidding Yourself

Store-Bought Suit

The Story Goes On

The Story of Chess

The Story of Lucy and Jessie


Stranded Again

Stranger In Paradise

Street Cries

Strike (George M!)

The Strike (Paint Your Wagon)

Strike Up the Band

Such a Merry Party

Such a Sociable Sort

Suddenly Seymour

Sue Me


Summer Nights

Summer Sequence


Sun and Moon

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Sun on My Face

Sun Won't Set

Sunday (Flower Drum Song)

Sunday (Sunday In the Park With George)

Sunday In the Park With George

Sunny Side to Every Situation

Sunrise, Sunset

Super Trouper

Suppertime (Little Shop of Horrors)

Suppertime (You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown)

Sur La Plage

Sure of Your Love


The Surrey with the Fringe on Top


Suzy Is a Good Thing

The Swamps of Home


Sweet Charity

Sweet Thursday

The Sweetest Sounds

Swing! (Wonderful Town)

Swinging (Little Mary Sunshine)

A Sword, and a Rose and a Cape



The Tailor Motel Kamzoil

Take a Chance on Me

Take a Job

Take a Letter Miss Jones

Take a Little Sip

Take Back Your Mink

Take Him

Take It On the Chin

Take Me Back to Manhattan

Take the Moment

Take Your Time, Take Your Pick

Takin' the Long Way Home

The Taking of Rhododendron

Taking the Steps to Russia

Talking to You

Talking to Yourself

Tango Tragique

Tap Dance Finish

Tap, Tap

Tap Your Troubles Away

The Taphoe Tap

The Tar Star

The Taunting

Tea For Two

The Tea Party

Teacher's Argument

Tear the Town Apart

The Telepathetique

Telephone Hour

Telephone Song (Bye Bye Birdie)

Telephone Song (Miss Saigon)

A Tender Spot

The Tennis Song

Terrace Duet

A Terrific Band and a Real Nice Crowd

Tevye's Monologue

Tevye's Rebuttal

Texas Has a Whorehouse In It

Thank God I'm Old

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Thank You For the Music

Thank You So Much

That Dirty Old Man

That Guy

That Lady In Eng-A-Land

That Terrific Rainbow

That'll Show Him

That's Him

That's How I Am Sick of Love

That's How Young I Feel

That's the Beat for Me

That's the Kind of Woman

That's the Way It Happens

That's What I Could Do

That's Your Funeral

Then Came Jonny

There Are Days

There Are Worse Things I Could Do

There But for You Go I

There Goes a Mad Old Man

There I'd Be

There Is a Sucker Born Ev'ry Minute

There Is Nothing Like a Dame

There Never Was a Woman

There Once Was a Man

There She Goes

There She Is

There Won't Be Trumpets

There You Are

There'll Be Trouble

There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon for New York

There's a Coach Comin' In

There's a Dance or Two In the Old Girls Yet

There's a Doctor

There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This

There's No Business Like Show Business

There's Nothing Like a Model T

There's Nothin' So Bad for a Woman

There's Room Enough for Us

These Are My Children

They Call the Wind Maria

They Can't Take That Away From Me

They Go Wild Over Me

They Like Ike

They Never Hear What I Say

They Say It's Wonderful

They Seek Him Here

They Were You

They're Playing My Song

Things Are Looking Up

Think Big Rich

Think How It's Gonna Be

Think of Meryl Streep

Think of Something Else

Think of the Time I Save

Think Positive

Thinkin' (Pipe Dream)

Thinking (Do I Hear a Waltz?)

Thinking of No-One But Me

Thirteen Collar

This Can't Be Love

This Had Better Come to a Stop

This House

This Is All Very New to Me

This Is How I'd Feel

This Is New

This Is the Hour

This Money's Yours

This Nearly Was Mine

This One Day

This Plum is Too Ripe

This Really Isn't Me

This Time of the Year

This Was a Real Nice Clambake

This Week Americans

This Woman At the Altar

This World

Those Canaan Days

Those Magic Changes

Those Were the Good Old Days

The Thought of You


Thousands of Miles

Thread the Needle

Three Letters

Three Sunny Rooms

The Thrill of First Love

Through the Bottom of the Glass

Thuy's Arrival

Thuy's Death

Ti Moune

Ti Moune's Dance

Tick Tock Baby

The Tide Pool

Tiger, Tiger

Tight Knit Family

Till Then

Till There Was You

Till Tomorrow

Time and Time Again

Time Heals Everything

To Bath, Derry-O!

To Be a Captain

To Be Alone with You

To Each His Dulcinea

To Have and To Hold, Wish Thee Well

To Life

To My Wife

Together (Honk!)

Together (On the Twentieth Century)

Together Wherever We Go

Tom, Dick or Harry

Tommy, Can You Hear Me?

Tommy's Holiday Camp

Tomorrow (Annie)

Tomorrow (Leave It to Me)

Tomorrow Belongs to Me


Tonight At 8

Tonight's the Night

Too Charming

Too Darn Hot

Too Many Mornings (Follies)

Too Many Tomorrows (Sweet Charity)

Too Soon

Toot-Toot-Tootsie Goodbye

The Top of the Hill

Tornado Ballet

Tourist Madrigal


Train to Johannesburg

The Transformation


Treat Me Rough

The Tree

Trina's Song


A Trip to the Library

Trouble Man

The Trouble With Women

Trust Me!

The Truth

Try Me

Try to Forget

Try to Remember


Turkey Lurkey

Turn Back O' Man

Turn Back the Clock

Turn Oh Turn In This Direction

Twelve Days to Christmas

Twentieth Century Love

Twenty Fans

Twenty Love-Sick Maidens We

Twenty-Four Hours of Lovin'


Twin Soliloquies

Two By Two

Two Doves

Two Faces In the Dark

Two Kinsmen

Two Ladies

Two Little Words

Two Lost Souls

Two Midnights Gone

Two People In Love

Two Years In the Making

A Typical Day

Typically English

Typische Deutsche

Tyrone's Rap


Songs U-V