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I Ain't Down Yet

I Ain't Got No Shame

I Always Knew

I Am Ashamed That Women Are So Simple

I Am Changing

I Am Easily Assimilated

I Am Free

I Am Going to Like It Here

I Am In Love

I Am Only a Poor Humble Cockroach

I Believe In You

I Believe My Own Eyes

I Belong Here

I Cain't Say No

I Came to Tan

I Can

I Can Cook Too

I Can Do That

I Can Have It All

I Can See It

I Cannot Tell What This Love May Be

I Can't Be Bothered Now

I Can't Be In Love

I Can't Do It Alone

I Can't Tell You

I Chose Right

I Could Be Happy with You

I Could Get Used to Him

I Could Have Danced All Night

I Could Write a Book

I Couldn't Have Done It Alone

I Do

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

I Do Not Know

I Don't Believe a Word of It

I Don't Know His Name

I Don't Know How to Love Him

I Don't Know Nothin' About Her

I Don't Know Where She Got It

I Don't Know Why I Trust You

I Don't Like This Dame

I Don't Need Anything But You

I Don't Think I'm In Love

I Don't Want to Know

I Enjoy Being a Girl

I Feel Humble

I Feel Like I'm Not Out of Bed Yet

I Feel Merely Marvelous

I Feel Pretty

I Feel Sorry For the Girl

I Found Him

I Get a Kick Out of You

I Get Carried Away

I Got a Friend

I Got a Marble and a Star

I Got a New Pair of Shoes

I Got Lost in His Arms

I Got Love

I Got Me

I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'

I Got Rhythm

I Got the Sun in the Morning

I Guess I'll Miss the Man

I Guess This Is Goodbye

I Had Twins

I Hate Him

I Hate Men

I Have a Dream (Mama Mia)

I Have a Love

I Have Danced

I Have Dreamed (The King and I)

I Have to Tell You

I Have Written a Play

I Heard Someone Crying

I, Huckleberry, Me

I Invented Myself

I Just Heard

I Know

I Know a Girl

I Know About Love

I Know Him So Well

I Know It Can Happen Again

I Know Now

I Know Things Now

I Know What I Am

I Know Your Heart

I Knows What I Knows

I Like Everybody

I Like Him

I Like You

I Like Your Style

I Love a Cop

I Love a Fool

I Love Him

I Love My Wife (I Do! I Do!)

I Love My Wife (I Love My Wife)

I Love Paris

I Love the Ladies

I Love to Cry at Weddings

I Love to Dance

I Love What I'm Doing

I Love You

I Love You More

I Loved Her, Too

I Loved You Once In Silence

I Loves You Porgy

I Made a Fist

I May Never Fall In Love With You

I Meant You No Harm

I Met a Girl

I Miss You Old Friend

I Must Get On That Ship

I Never Know

I Never Want to Go Home Again

I Never Wanted to Love You

I Only Have Eyes For You

I Owe It All

I Promise You a Happy Ending

I Put My Hand In

I Really Loved You

I Remember (Rags)

I Remember How It Was

I Remember It Well

I Resolve

I Rise Again

I See Something

I Shall Scream

I Sing of Love

I Still Believe

I Still Believe In Love

I Still Get Jealous

I Still See Elisa

I Suddenly Find It Agreeable

I Talk to the Trees

I Think, I Think

I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

I Understand

I Wanna Be Rich

I Wanna Make the World Laugh

I Want It All

I Want No Surprises

I Want to Be Happy

I Want to Be Seen With You Tonight

I Want to Go Home

I Want to Make Magic

I Want You Baby

I Wanted to Change Him

I Was Born on the Day Before Yesterday

I Watch the Love Parade

I Wish I Were In Love Again

I Wish You a Waltz

I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight?

I Won't Let You Get Away

I Won't Send Roses

Ice Cream (She Loves Me)

Ice Cream (Street Scene)

I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You

I'd Do Anything

I'd Give My Life For You

I'd Rather Be Right

If a Girl Isn't Pretty

If Ever I Would Leave You

If He Really Knew Me

If He Walked Into My Life

If I Be Your Best Chance

If I Gave You

If I Had a Fine White Horse

If I Had a Million Dollars

If I Had My Druthers

If I Knew

If I Loved You

If I May

If I Were a Bell

If I Were a Man

If I Were a Rich Man

If I Were You

If Mama Was Married

If My Friends Could See Me Now

If Prayin Were Horses

If Saphir I Choose to Marry

If She Really Knew Me

If the Rain's Got to Fall

If There's Love Enough

If This Isn't Love

If You Believe

If You Could See Her

If You Don't Mind My Saying So

If You Loved Me Truly

If You Want to Die In Bed

If You Would Only Come Away

If You're a Friend of Mine

If You're For Me

I'll Be Here Tomorrow

I'll Forget You

I'll Go Home with Bonnie Jean

I'll Know

I'll Make a Man of the Man

I'll Marry Katie

I'll Never Be Jealous Again

I'll Never Fall In Love Again

I'll Never Pass This Way Again

I'll Never Say No

I'll Only Miss Her When I Think of Her

I'll Show Him!

I'll Tell You a Truth

I'll Try


I'm a Bad, Bad Man

I'm a Brass Band

I'm a Mean Ole Lion

I'm a Stranger Here Myself

I'm a Tingle, I'm a Glow

I'm a Waterloo House Young Man

I'm All Smiles

I'm Always Chasing Rainbows

I'm an Indian Too

I'm an Ordinary Man

I'm Back In Circulation

I'm Breaking Down

I'm Bringing a Red, Red Rose

I'm Calm

I'm Free

I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore

I'm Going Back

I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair

I'm In Love With a Wonderful Guy

I'm Just a Song and Dance Man

I'm Just Wild About Harry

I'm Leaving You

I'm Like the Bluebird

I'm Looking For Something

I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover

I'm Me

I'm Not At All In Love

I'm Not Going Gently

I'm Not Saying a Word

I'm Nothing Without You

I'm On My Way (Paint Your Wagon)

I'm On My Way (Porgy and Bess)

I'm Only Thinking of Him

I'm Past My Prime

I'm Sitting on Top of the World In Time

I'm Somebody

I'm Somebody New

I'm Still Here

I'm the Bravest Individual

I'm the Greatest Star

I'm Way Ahead

I'm With You

I'm Young and Healthy

I'm Your Girl



In a Doleful Train

In a Little While

In Between

In Buddy's Eyes

In Dahomey

In Every Age

In Gaul

In Izzen Schnokken on the Lovely Essen Zook Zee

In L.A.

In Our Little Den

In Praise of Women

In This Wide, Wide World

In Tune

The Indian Blues

Indian Maiden's Lament

Inner Thoughts

Instead of Song

Intermission Talk

Into the Fire

Into the Woods

Introducin' Mr. Paris

Iowa Stubborn

Is Anybody There?

Is It a Crime?

Is It Really Me?

Is There No Other Way?

Is This Year Next Year?

Isn't It?

Isn't It Great to Be Married

It Ain't Gonna Work

It Ain't Necessarily So

It All Comes Out of the Piano

It Couldn't Please Me More

It Depends on What You Pay

It Feels Good

It Looks Like Liza

It Might As Well Be Her

It Must Be So

It Needs Work

It Only Takes a Moment

It Takes a Long Pull to Get There

It Takes a Woman

It Takes All Sorts

It Takes Two

It Was a Glad Adventure

It Wonders Me

It Would Have Been Wonderful (Annie Warbucks)

It Would Have Been Wonderful (A Little Night Music)

It's a Beginning

It's a Bore

It's a Boy (Shenandoah)

It's a Boy (The Who's Tommy)

It's a Darn Nice Campus

It's a Fine Life

It's a Fish

It's a Hard Knock Life

It's a Helluva Way to Run a Love Affair

It's a Lovely Day Today

It's a Maze

It's a Perfect Relationship

It's a Scandal! It's and Outrage

It's a Simple Little System

It's a Stretchy Day

It's Alive

It's All Over

It's All Right with Me

It's All the Same

It's Always Love

It's an Art

It's Clear That Mediaeval Art

It's Delovely

It's Fun to Think

It's Gonna Be Fun

It's Good to Be Back Home

It's High Time

It's Hot Up Here

It's Just the Gas

It's Legitimate

It's Love

It's Me

It's Never Too Late to Fall In Love

It's Nicer In Nice

It's None of My Business

It's Not Where You Start

It's Raining on Prom Night

It's the Going Home Together

It's the Right Time to Be Rich

It's Today

It's You (Dames At Sea)

It's You (The Music Man)

I've A'ready Started In

I've Been Waiting All My Life

I've Come to Wive It Wealthily In Padua

I've Confessed to the Breeze

I've Got It All

I've Got to Dance

I've Got to Find a Reason

I've Got What You Want

I've Got You to Lean On

I've Got Your Number

I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face

I've Heard It All Before

I've Just Seen Her

I've Never Been In Love Before

I've Never Said I Love You



Jack Roosevelt Robinson

Jacob and Sons

Jacob In Egypt


Jason's Bar Mitzvah

Jason's Therapy

Jasper's Vision

Jazz Theme

Jealousy Ballet

Jealousy Duet

Jeannie's Packin' Up

Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats

Jelly Doughnuts and Chocolate Cake

Jet Song


Joey, Joey


Johnny One-Note

Join the Circus

The Joker

Jolly Good Fellow

Jonny Don't Go

Joseph All the Time

Joseph Taylor Jr.

Joseph's Coat

Joseph's Dreams

The Journey to the Heaviside Layer

The Jousts

The Joy of Motherhood

Joyful Thing

Jubilation T. Cornpone

The Judgement of Paris

June Is Bustin' Out All Over

Just a House

Just a Housewife

Just a Kiss Apart

Just a Little Bit More

Just For Once

Just For Tonight

Just Go to the Movies

Just In Time

Just Like That

Just One Night

Just the Crust

Just You Wait


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