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O Miserere

The Ocarina

Occasional Flight of Fancy

Octopus Song


Off the Record

Off to the Races

Oh Daddy

Oh, De Lawd Shake De Heaven

Oh, Diogenes

Oh, Fabulous One In Your Ivory Tower

Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy We

Oh, To Be a Movie Star

Oh Well

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Oh What a Circus

Oh, You Wonderful Boy



Ol' Man River

Old Boy Neutral

Old Deuteronomy

Old Devil Moon

Old Fashioned Wedding

Old Friend

The Old Gumbie Cat

The Old Immigration and Naturalization Rag

Old Kletzmer Song

Old Maid (110 in the Shade)

An Old Maid (Lady Audley's Secret)

An Old Man

The Old Military Canal

Old People

The Oldest Established

The Oldest Profession

The Olive Tree


On a Sunday By the Sea

On My Own

On My Way

On the Balcony of the Casa Rosada

On the Banks of Old Raritan

On the Right Track

On the Side of the Angels

On the Steps of the Palace

On the Street Where You Live

On the Sunny Side of the Street

On the Twentieth Century

On This Night of a Thousand Stars

One Hand, One Heart

Once a Year Day

Once In a Blue Moon

Once In a Lifetime

Once In Love With Amy

Once In the Highlands

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time, Today

Once You Lose Your Heart

Once You've Had a Little Taste

One Boy

One Brick At a Time

One By One

One Extraordinary Thing

One Foot, Other Foot

One Hallowe'en

One Hundred Easy Ways

One Last Kiss

One Life to Live

One Moment Alone Is All We Own

One More Angel In Heaven

One More Kiss

One More Picture Please

One Night In Bangkok

One Night Only

One of a Kind

One of Us

The One Person In the World

One Small Girl

One Touch of Venus

One Track Mind

The One Who's Run Away

The Only Home I Know

Only Love

Only Make Believe

Only the Beginning

Ooh My Feet

Oom Pah-Pah

Open a New Window


Opening Doors

Opening for a Princess

The Opera Ain't Over


An Ordinary Couple

Ordinary Mothers

An Orthodox Fool

The Other Generation

Other Hands, Other Hearts

The Other Side of the Tracks

The Other Side of the Wall

The Other Woman

Our Children

Our Eternal Devotion

Our Last Summer

Our Little Secret

Our Private World

Our Time

Out of My Dreams

Out of the Dawn

Out There

Over Here!

Over the Hill

Over There





The Pajama Game

Pal Joey

Palomino Pal

Panisse and Son

Papa, Won't You Dance With Me?

Papa's Gonna Make It Alright


A Parade In Town

Paris By Night

Paris Is Paris Again

Paris Makes Me Horny

Paris Original

Paris, Paris

Park Incidental

Parlor Songs

A Part of Us

Party, Party

The Party That We're Going to Have Tomorrow Night

The Party's on the House

The Party's Over

Pas de Deux

Pass the Cross to Me

Pass the Football

Passing Away

Peachum's Morning Anthem


Penniless Bums

Penny a Tune


People Magazine

People Will Say We're In Love

A Perfect Evening

Perfect Strangers


Perfectly Lovely Couple

Perfectly Marvelous

Peron's Latest Flame


The Persuasion

Physical Fitness

Piano Lesson

Pick Yourself a Flower

Pick-a-Little, Take-a-Little

The Pickers Are Comin'

The Pick-Pocket Tango

Piddle, Twiddle and Resolve

A Piece of the Action

Pieces of Lives

Pierette, Pierette, Voyona

Pilate's Dream

Pinball Wizard

Pirate Jenny

Pirelli's Miracle Elixer

Pity the Child

Plain We Live

Plant a Radish

Plant You Now, Dig You Later

Planting Fever

Playing Croquet

The Plaza Song


Please Come to My House

Please, Hello

Please Let Me Tell You

Please Stay

Plenty Bambini

Plenty of Pennsylvania


Poker Polka

Politics and Poker

Poncho De Panther from Brazil

Poor Baby

Poor Everybody Else

Poor Little Hollywood Star

Poor Little Pierrette

Poor Pierrot Loved His Fair Pierette

Poor, Poor Joseph

Poor, Poor Pharoah

Poor Thing

Poppa Knows Best


Pore Jud Is Daid

The Portrait


A Poultry Tale

A Powerful Thing

Pray (Once On This Island)

Prayer (Scarlet Pimpernel)

Prayer for a Duck



Presentation of Miss Turnstiles

Press Conference

Pretty Garbage and Ugly Garbage

Pretty Lady

Pretty Little Picture

Pretty Women

The Prince of Humbug

The Prince's Farewell

The Princess of Pure Delight

Prithee, Pretty Maiden


Progress Is the Root of All Evil

Prologue: Pray I Make P.A.

Promise Me, Violet

Promises, Promises

A Proper Gentleman

The Proposal

The Psalm

Public Enemy Number One


Push Me Along In My Pushcart

Pussy Foot

Put 'Em Back the Way They Wuz

Put Him Away

Put In a Package and Sold

Put on a Happy Face

Put on Your Sunday Clothes

Putting It Together

A Puzzlement


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