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Mabel's Prayer

Macavity: The Mystery Cat

Mad Man

Madam Rose's Toreadorables

Madame Guillotine


Magic Magic

Magic Nights

Magic to Do

A Magnet Hung In a Hardware Shop

Maidens Typical of France

Make a Miracle

Make My Dreams Come True

Make Our Garden Grow

Make Someone Happy

Make Way

Make Way For My Lady

Makin' Whoopee

Making a Home

Mama Look Sharp

Mama, Mama

Mama Will Provide

The Mamalogue



Mamie Is Mimi

A Man and a Woman

A Man Could Go Quite Mad

A Man Doesn't Know

Man From Glad

The Man I Used to Be

Man In the Moon (The Tap Dance Kid)

The Man In the Moon (Mame)

Man Is Man's Best Friend

Man of La Mancha

Man of Mine

Man to Man Talk

The Man Who Has Everything

The Man Who Owns Broadway

Man With a Load of Mischief

The Man With the Ginger Mustache

Many a New Day

Many Moons Ago

Mapleton High Choral

The Marathoners

March of the Falsettos

March of the Siamese Children

March of Vigilant Vassals

The Marching Song of the Pollicle Dogs

Maria (The Sound of Music)

Maria (West Side Story)

Marian, the Librarian


Marie's Law

Marilyn Monroe

Marriage Is for Old Folks

Marriage Pantomime

A Marriage Proposal

Marriage Type Love


Married Couple Seeks Married Couple

Marry the Man Today

Marry With Me

Marrying for Love

A Marvelous Weekend

Marvin At the Psychiatrist

Marvin Hits Trina

Mary's a Grand Old Name

Mata Hari

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

The Matrimonial Stomp

May I Return to the Beginning

May We Entertain You


Maybe Some Other Time

Maybe They're Magic

The Maze


Me a Heap Big Injun

Me and My Baby

Me and My Girl

Me and My Town


The Meanest Man In Town

Meditation I & II

The Meek Shall Inherit


Mehitabel and Bill Duet

Mehitabel, the Way She Used to Be

Mehitabel's Return

Meilinki Meilchick



Memory (Cats)

Memory (Dear World)




Metaphorically Speaking

The Midas Touch

Midnight Riding

The Miller's Son

Million Dollar Smile



The Minstrel, the Jester and I


Miracle Cure

Miracle of Judaism

Miracle of Miracles

Miracle Song


Miss Marmelstein

Missing You (My Bill)

Mister Cellophane

Mister Snow

Molasses to Rum

Moma, Moma

Moments In the Woods

The Moments of Happiness


Money Isn't Everything

Money, Money, Money

The Money Song

Money to Burn



Moon of Love

Moonfaced, Starry Eyed



Moonshine Lullaby

More and More/Less and Less

More I Cannot Wish You

More of the Same

A More Ordinary Glorious Vocabulary

More Racquetball

More Than One Way

Morning Glow

The Morning of the Dragon

Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love

The Most Happy Fella


Mother Hare's Prophecy

Mother Hare's Seance

Motherhood March

A Mother's Wish Is a Daughter's Duty

The Mounted Messenger

Mouth So Charmful

Move (Dreamgirls)

Move On (Sunday In the Park With George)

Move Over, New York

A Mover's Life

Movie In My Mind

Movies Were Movies


Mr. Andrews' Vision

Mr. Bunbury

Mr. Goldstone, I Love You

Mr. Greed

Mr. Mistoffelees

Mrs. S. L. Jacobowsky

Mr. Snow

Mrs. Sally Adams

Mu Cha Cha

Much More

Much More Alive

Muddy Water

The Muffin Song

Muffy and the Topsiders

Mumbo Jumbo

Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer

Murder In Parkwold

Murder, Murder

Murderer's Confession

Museum Song

Mushnik and Son

The Music That Makes Me Dance

Musical Comedy Man

Musical Man

Must It Be Love?

My Baby Just Cares For Me

My Blanket and Me

My Body

My Child

My City

My Cup Runneth Over With Love

My Darlin' Eileen

My Defenses Are Down

My Dream for Tomorrow

My Father's a Homo

My First Impression

My First Love Song

My Foolish Heart

My Fortune Is My Face

My Friend (Blood Brothers)

My Friend (The Life)

My Friends (Sweeney Todd)

My Funny Valentine

My Girl Is Just Enough Woman for Me

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

My Heart Is Like a Violin

My Home Town (George M!)

My Hometown (What Makes Sammy Run?)

My Joe

My Lord and Master

My Love

My Love Is on the Way

My Luck Is Changing

My Mammy

My Man's Gone Now

My Mother's Wedding Day

My Name

My Own Best Friend

My Own Brass Bed

My Own Morning

My Pa

My Picture In the Papers

My Ship

My Time of Day

My Way Or the Highway

My White Knight



Nag, Nag, Nag

The Name of Love

The Name of the Game

Namely You

The Name's LaGuardia

The Naming of Cats


The National Pastime

Naughty Baby

Naughty, Naughty, Nancy

Near to You

Nearly 8


Nellie Kelly



Never Give Anything Away

Never, Never Be an Artist

Never Say No

Never the Luck

Never Too Late for Love

A New Argentina

New Art Is True Art

New Day

A New Deal for Christmas

New Fangled Preacher Man

A New Town Is a Blue Town

New York, New York


The Next Time It Happens

Next to Lovin'

Next to Texas I Love You

Nice Work If You Can Get It

A Night In the Ukraine

Night Life

Night of My Nights

The Night They Invented Champagne

The Night Was Alive

The Night Was Made for Love

Ninety Again


No Boom Boom

No Good Can Come From Bad

No Goodbyes

No Lies

No Life

No Moon

No More

No More Candy

No One Ever Knows

No One Is Alone

No One'll Ever Love You

No Other Love

No Place Like London

No Place, No Home

No Strings

No Time At All

No Understand

No Way to Stop It

Nobody Does It Like Me

Nobody Ever Died for Rutgers

Nobody Loves Me

Nobody Tells Me How

Nobody Told Me

Nobody's Perfect

Nobody's Side

Nodding Roses


Not a Day Goes By

Not Another Day Like This

Not Anymore

Not at Home

Not Every Day of the Week

Not Mine

Not Since Ninevah

Not While I'm Around


Nothing Ever Happens In Angel's Roost

Nothing Will Hurt Us Again

Notice Me

November Song

Now (Charlie and Algernon)

Now (A Little Night Music)

Now (Little Shop of Horrors)

Now I Have Everything

Now I've Seen You

Now That I've Seen Her


Now's the Time



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