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The Game

The Games I Play

The Garden Path to Hell

Gary, Indiana

Gee, Officer Krupke

Generic Woman

The Gentleman Is a Dope

Gentleman Jimmy

A Gentleman Never Falls Wildly In Love


Geraniums In the Winder


Get a Load of That

Get Away for a Day In the Country

Get Me to the Church on Time

Get Out of Town

Getting In the Lifeboat

Getting Married Today

Getting Out of Town

Getting to Know You

Giants In the Sky

A Gift Today


Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Gino's Harp Solo

The Girl I Mean to Be

A Girl In the Valley

Girl of the Moment

The Girl That I Marry

A Girl to Remember

Girl, You're a Woman

Girls Enter Nevada

Git It

Git Your Program for De Big Fight

Give It To 'Em Good, Carrie

Give My Regards to Broadway (George M!)

Give My Regards to Broadway (Jolson the Musical)

Give the Little Lady

Glee Club Rehearsal

Gliding Through My Memories

Glitter and Be Gay

Glorious Russian


Go Get 'Im

Go, Go, Go, Joseph

Go Into Your Dance

Go Into Your Trance

Go to Sleep, Whatever You Are

Go to the Mirror

God Bless the Human Elbow

God That's Good!

Godspeed Titanic

The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me? Blues

Goin' Downtown

Golden Delicious

Golden Helmet

Golden Ram

Gone, Gone, Gone

Gonna Build a Mountain

Gooch's Song

Good As It Gets

Good Friends

Good Luck Mr. Flyin' Man

Good Morning-Good Day

Good Night

Good Old Burlesque Show

Good Old Girl

The Good Old Ways

The Good Time Girl

Good Times Are Here to Stay

Goodbye, Canavaro

Goodbye Darlin'

Goodbye Georg

Goodbye, My Lady Love

Goodbye, Old Girl

Goodnight and Thank You

Goodnight Boat

Goodnight Is Not Goodbye

Goodnight Ladies

Goodnight My Someone




Got to Be Good Times


Grand Knowing You

Grand Old Ivy

Grand Papa

Grant Avenue

Greased Lightnin'

The Great Come and Get It Day

The Great Lover Tango

Great White Father of the Year

The Greatest Show on Earth

Green Finch and Linnet Bird

Green, Green


Grizabella: The Glamour Cat

Grovel, Grovel

Grow For Me

Growing Up Is Learning to Say Goodbye



Gus: The Theatre Cat


Guys and Dolls

Gypsies In the Woods



Hail Knight of the Woeful Countenance


Half a Sixpence

Half As Big As Life

Half the Battle

Hallelujah, Baby!

Hand for the Hog

Hand Me Down That Can O' Beans

A Handbag Is Not a Proper Mother

Hands Around

Happiest House on the Block

Happily Ever After


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Mrs. J. J. Brown

Happy Days Are Here Again

Happy Ending

Happy Hunting Horn

Happy Talk

The Happy Time

Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm

Happy to Make Your Acquaintance

Hard Candy Christmas

Hard to Be a Prince

Hard to Say Goodbye (Violet)

Hard to Say Goodbye My Love (Dreamgirls)

Hard Work

The Harder They Fall


The Hat

Haute Couterre

Have I Got a Girl for You

Have I Told You Lately?

Have You Heard the News?

Have You Met Miss Jones

Havin' a Time

He Can Do It

He Plays the Violin

He Tried to Make a Dollar

A Healing Touch

Healthy, Normal, American Boy


The Heart Has Won the Game

The Heat Is On In Saigon

Heather on the Hill

Heaven Help My Heart

Heaven Hop


Hector's Song

Helen Is Always Willing

He'll Come to Me Crawling

Hell School

Hello, Dolly!

Hello, Hello There

Hello, Little Girl

Hello Waves

Hello, Young Lovers

Henry Street

Her Face

Her Is

Here In Eden

Here They Come

Here We Are Again

Here's to Us

Hernando's Hideaway

The Heroes Come Home

He's Good For Me

He's In Love

He's No Good

He's Not a Well Man

He's the Wizard

Hey, Girlie

Hey, Look At Me!

Hey There

Hey There, Good Times

Hey, Why Not!

Hey Yvette

Hic Haec Hoc

High Flying Adored

The Highest Judge of All

The Hilles of Ixopo

His Love Makes Me Beautiful

Hit 'Em on the Head

Hold My Hand

Hold On

Hold Your Head Up High

Holding to the Ground

Home (The Wiz)

Home Again (Fiorello!)

Home Sweet Heaven

Homesick Blues

Honest Man

Honestly Sincere

Honey Bun

Honey Gal O' Mine

Honey Honey

Honeymoon Inn

The Honeymoon Is Over

The Honor of Your Name

The Hookers' Ball

Hostess with the Mostes'

Hot Dog

The House of Marcus Lycus

The House Upon the Hill

How Are Things In Glocca Morra

How Beautiful

How Blest We Are

How Can I Leave Here?

How Can I Say Goodbye

How Can I Wait?

How Can Love Survive?

How Could I Ever Know

How Did They Build Titanic?

How Do You Do

How Do You Find the Words

How Do You Raise a Barn?

How Do You Spell Ambassador

How Do You Stand On Dreams

How D'ya Talk to a Girl

How I Feel

How Laughable It Is

How Long

How Lovely to Be a Woman

How Many Women

How Much I Love You

How Sad

How To

How to Handle a Woman

How to Kill a Man Ballet

How to Survive

How? What? Why?

The Human Heart


A Hundred Million Miracles

Hundreds of Girls

Hungarian Folk Song

Hungry Men

Hurry Back

Hurry! It's Lovely Up Here


Hymn for a Sunday Evening

A Hymn to Him


Songs I-J